Author: bgmcoder

Changelog for Incipitor Version 1.1

  • New: Now you can edit the names of the folders in the folder window
  • New: All Settings are now saved and put into effect when you push the Save Settings button which has been added to the Settings tab.  (in the previous version, some would save immediately, others required to restart the program or re-open the window)
  • New: Added icons to the buttons and to the folder tree (everyone loves eye-candy, no?)
  • Changed: Moved the program name, version and icon to the Info tab so it is less clutter on the main window.
  • Changed: Removed the “Creating Settings file” notice when you run Incipitor for the first time.
  • Fixed: Custom icon path is now saved
  • Fixed: Version info was missing in the executable for version 1.0

Please note:  Systemus will set off your anti-virus.  I swear it’s not a Trojan – but, well, there you are.  If I ever figure out why it gets flagged as a virus, maybe I’ll be able to do something about it.  Or, maybe, if enough people use this, then maybe it will get re-classified as safe.

  • New: Custom Tokens
  • New: Window Info can display the Dell Serial Number and the Dell Express Service Code. See Window Info.
  • New: Window Info: WINS Servers, DHCP Server. See Window Info.
  • New: Added Resource Monitor to System > Varia > Resource Monitor in Default Config.
  • New: Added new icons!
  • New: Command: RecycleBin. Added to Dirs > Recycle Bin in Default Config.
  • New: If a configuration does not have a configuration’s Systemus.ini, the File Menu will offer the option to create a default one instead of offering to open one that doesn’t exist.
  • New: File > Edit Configuration ini now gives the Configuration’s name.
    Fixed: Issue where the first menu ini file was skipped, resulting in a missing menu
  • Fixed: Wrong icon for File > Edit Config Ini
  • Fixed: Had a few labels incorrect in Window Info
  • Fixed: Issues fetching MAC address and Network info

  • New: Now the current configuration will be checkmarked in the File > Configuration menu.
  • New: Customize the information, font style and colours of the main window.
  • New: added lots of new info that can be displayed in the main window, such as gateway, subnet, memory and workgroup.
  • New: File > Edit Config INI to make it easier to edit the main window information.
  • Improved: New icons for the items in File > Configuration menu.
  • Improved: IP Address and Mac Address are now in purple by default on the main window.
  • Fixed: Removed accelerator indicators from the statusbar’s report
  • Fixed: ipaddress and macaddress should display the current working values in the main window.
  • Fixed: Systemus now displays it’s own error message when something goes wrong when running a command that has issues.
  • Fixed: Some links in the Help Menu were broken.
  • Fixed: Removed File > Reloads Settings INI because that doesn’t work.

Notice: Version 1.2 had a function which gave the user the ability to clear the memory cache.  I have removed this because it was setting off Antivirus as being a Trojan.  Sorry to disappoint on that score!

  • Removed: We removed the clearAllCaches command because it was triggering Antivirus alerts
  • Fixed: comshell commands now automatically close their hidden comspec windows
  • Fixed: Command for gpedit
  • Fixed: elevatedCMD.cmd will now stay open when you run it.
  • Fixed: Tools > Elevated CMD Prompt now launches.
  • Fixed: Tools > CMD Prompt now launches.
  • Fixed: code error dialogue when there is a problem trying to run an incorrect RUN command
  • New: Command: QuickLaunchDir to open Windows 7 Quicklaunch directory. Added to Default Config’s Dirs > QuickLaunch menu.
  • New: Command: RestartExplorer to restart Windows Explorer. Added to Default Config’s Tools > Restart Explorer menu.
  • New: Command Services to open the Services Manager. Replaced the command in System > Services menu.
  • New: Menu accelerators added to the Default Config menus.

version 1.2 Saturday, January 04, 2020

  • Improved: The main Systemus interface is now colour-coded and aligned.
  • New: click on the values in the main interface to copy them to the clipboard.
  • New: command: clearAllCaches to clear the system memory. Added to Default Config’s Tools > Clear & Reset menu.
  • New: command: flushDNS to flush the DNS cache. Added to Default Config’s Tools > Clear & Reset menu.
  • New: Boot Mode in the main window now reports UEFI or BIOS
  • New: Added DonationCoder’s icon in the defaultConfig’s Links menu
  • New: You can specify an icon from a dll or from another icon within an executable
  • Fixed: The CLR button works now and will clear the contents of the RUN box.
  • Fixed: if a non-existent icon ID is given, it will use the generic icon instead of throwing an error
  • Fixed: Now the Systemus icon shows in the about dialogue

  • version 1.1
  • Fixed: menu item File > Edit Settings INI
  • New: Help > NANY Page
  • Fixed: Now if a sumenu is specified in a config ini, it will not throw an error if the ini section is missing
  • Fixed: Help > Help now opens the Systemus.chm help file
  • New: Systemus now saves it’s last window position by default
  • New: Have multiple configurations and switch between them from the File menu
  • New: Use path tokens in the configuration ini files: #drive#, #appdir#, #configdir#
  • New: values and labels are now distinguishable by colour and are a tad bigger
  • New: Click on the values in the main window to copy them to the clipboard (this can be disabled in the settings)

There are still some issues with the RUN box, and still no documentation on how to use it properly. I have to work on this part.