One of my favourite things is to write little programs.

My first programming language was BCX – the Basic to C Translator.  It writes like BASIC, but translates itself into pure C before compiling.  This language required an awful lot of WinAPI, but I learned a lot in those years.

I have also programmed and coded in C#, VB.net, VB, VBA, VBS, Powershell, Javascript, Flash, HTML & CSS, and my favourite, Autohotkey.  I have hacked python scripts and java applications as well.  I have written XUL addons for Firefox and Thunderbird.  I have installed and configured Sharepoint Server 2010 several times, and have been admin for Sharepoint, Office365, Google Apps, Asterisk, FreePBX and Windows Domain.  I have wired an entire office building with cat6, plugging all the sockets myself and setting up the rack with all it’s servers.  I still do quite a bit of tech-support over the phone.  I am mostly a Windows guy, but I have to work with Linux to a certain extent, and I only deal with Macs if I have to in order to help someone.

Most of my programs are written in AutoHotkey, because it is so easy and fun.  For an editor, I use Notepad++ and Notepad3.  I typically write programs for myself and then share them if they are good enough for others to use. I also use my own programs, such as TextWorx to write code, and Iconus to look at my dll and icon libraries that I build.

Now, I know that the idea of DonationCoder is that coders might receive donations, but I don’t really want any donations.  A simple thank-you would be enough for me.