Systemus Updated to Version 1.3

Notice: Version 1.2 had a function which gave the user the ability to clear the memory cache.  I have removed this because it was setting off Antivirus as being a Trojan.  Sorry to disappoint on that score!

  • Removed: We removed the clearAllCaches command because it was triggering Antivirus alerts
  • Fixed: comshell commands now automatically close their hidden comspec windows
  • Fixed: Command for gpedit
  • Fixed: elevatedCMD.cmd will now stay open when you run it.
  • Fixed: Tools > Elevated CMD Prompt now launches.
  • Fixed: Tools > CMD Prompt now launches.
  • Fixed: code error dialogue when there is a problem trying to run an incorrect RUN command
  • New: Command: QuickLaunchDir to open Windows 7 Quicklaunch directory. Added to Default Config’s Dirs > QuickLaunch menu.
  • New: Command: RestartExplorer to restart Windows Explorer. Added to Default Config’s Tools > Restart Explorer menu.
  • New: Command Services to open the Services Manager. Replaced the command in System > Services menu.
  • New: Menu accelerators added to the Default Config menus.

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