Systemus Updated to Version 1.5

Please note:  Systemus will set off your anti-virus.  I swear it’s not a Trojan – but, well, there you are.  If I ever figure out why it gets flagged as a virus, maybe I’ll be able to do something about it.  Or, maybe, if enough people use this, then maybe it will get re-classified as safe.

  • New: Custom Tokens
  • New: Window Info can display the Dell Serial Number and the Dell Express Service Code. See Window Info.
  • New: Window Info: WINS Servers, DHCP Server. See Window Info.
  • New: Added Resource Monitor to System > Varia > Resource Monitor in Default Config.
  • New: Added new icons!
  • New: Command: RecycleBin. Added to Dirs > Recycle Bin in Default Config.
  • New: If a configuration does not have a configuration’s Systemus.ini, the File Menu will offer the option to create a default one instead of offering to open one that doesn’t exist.
  • New: File > Edit Configuration ini now gives the Configuration’s name.
    Fixed: Issue where the first menu ini file was skipped, resulting in a missing menu
  • Fixed: Wrong icon for File > Edit Config Ini
  • Fixed: Had a few labels incorrect in Window Info
  • Fixed: Issues fetching MAC address and Network info

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