Systemus Updated to Version 1.4

  • New: Now the current configuration will be checkmarked in the File > Configuration menu.
  • New: Customize the information, font style and colours of the main window.
  • New: added lots of new info that can be displayed in the main window, such as gateway, subnet, memory and workgroup.
  • New: File > Edit Config INI to make it easier to edit the main window information.
  • Improved: New icons for the items in File > Configuration menu.
  • Improved: IP Address and Mac Address are now in purple by default on the main window.
  • Fixed: Removed accelerator indicators from the statusbar’s report
  • Fixed: ipaddress and macaddress should display the current working values in the main window.
  • Fixed: Systemus now displays it’s own error message when something goes wrong when running a command that has issues.
  • Fixed: Some links in the Help Menu were broken.
  • Fixed: Removed File > Reloads Settings INI because that doesn’t work.

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