Systemus updated to Version 1.1

  • version 1.1
  • Fixed: menu item File > Edit Settings INI
  • New: Help > NANY Page
  • Fixed: Now if a sumenu is specified in a config ini, it will not throw an error if the ini section is missing
  • Fixed: Help > Help now opens the Systemus.chm help file
  • New: Systemus now saves it’s last window position by default
  • New: Have multiple configurations and switch between them from the File menu
  • New: Use path tokens in the configuration ini files: #drive#, #appdir#, #configdir#
  • New: values and labels are now distinguishable by colour and are a tad bigger
  • New: Click on the values in the main window to copy them to the clipboard (this can be disabled in the settings)

There are still some issues with the RUN box, and still no documentation on how to use it properly. I have to work on this part.

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