TextWorx updated to Version 0.8

Version 0.8 January 7, 2018

  • Fixed: Insert Last Date – before it only remembered the last date, not the last date format.
  • New: Favourite Date Format
  • Changed: Moved Find and Replace String to the Search and Replace Menu
  • Changed: Transform Menu renamed to Transform and Encrypt
  • New: Added Insert Timestamp to the Date and Time Menu (it’s still in the insert menu as well)
  • Fixed: Removed trailing separator after the Glyphs menu in the Insert Menu
  • Fixed: Increment Tokens* didn’t increment correctly
  • Fixed: Send Selection in Notepad
  • Changed: Removed Copy Line from the Editor Menu – it’s only useful for the toolbar
  • Fixed: Duplicate
  • Fixed: Count Numbers in the Text Statistics dialogue
  • Fixed: Latin accentuation – the ini file has to be saved in ANSI or UTF-16 to be interpreted correctly
  • New: Added Custom Menu Items by default upon first run
  • Still not working: Count Paragraphs and Count Sentences
  • Still not working: Insert custom text with line breaks included

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