Comparer – Content

By default Comparer shows only basic files properties (size, dates, attributes) but after adding WDX (content) plugins the amount of available data grows a lot.


You can find proper WDX plugins by going to:

For information about properly working plugins, please take a look on table at the bottom of this page.



Go to one one from mentioned plugins sites and download addons which suit your needs.

Adding plugin

  1. Unpack needed plugin into any directory (“plugins” folder in Comparer’s dir is recommended for portability),
  2. Launch Comparer and click on “Options”,
  3. Go to “Plugins (WDX)” tab and click on “+” button,
  4. “Choose WDX plugin” window will be shown,
  5. browse for needed plugin and click on “Open” button
  6. Specify files extensions to be supported in “Extensions” field,
  7. you can add more plugins or click on “OK” button to save changes and refresh files view.

You can also drag your WDX files into plugins list in “Plugins (WDX)” tab or into “Plugin” field (instead of browsing by a hand).

Please remember to always have extensions defined.

Plugins with empty extensions field will not be used while comparing.

“*.*” will allow to use plugin with any file.

Removing plugin

  1. Launch Comparer and click on “Options”,
  2. Go to “Plugins (WDX)” tab and select unwanted plugin,
  3. click on “-” button,
  4. Click on “Apply” to save changes and “OK” to close Options window,
  5. Close application and delete plugin file from its location,

Supported plugins

You can find all working plugins in the table below.

Please remember that not all WDX plugins are supported now. Some of them might not work so I will be glad if someone will sort this out. I’ve tested almost all plugins with version but two months passed and a lot of changes has been done since then so it is needed once again to check them all.

Plugin Extensions Fields
Age *.* Changed, Created, Accessed,
anytag.wdx *.AAC *.APE *.FLAC *.MP3 *.MP4 *.M4A *.M4B *.MPC *.OFR *.OFS *.OGG *.SPX *.TTA *.WMA *.WV Tag, Tag Read, Album, Artist, Comment, Genre, Title, Track, Track (leading zeros), Year, Bitrate, Codec, Length, Length (in seconds), Mode, Samplerate, TagSize, Extra information,
AttrEx *.*
Attributes *.* Read Only, Hidden, System, Directory, Archive, Device, Normal, Temporary, Sparse File, Reparse Point, Compressed, Offline, Not Content Indexed, Encrypted,
AudioInfo AAC, APE, MP1, MP2, MP3, MPC, OGG, VQF, WAV, WMA, Channels, Duration, Duration (H/M/S), Sample rate, Bit rate, Title, Artist, Album, Track, Date, Genre, Comment, Vendor, Composer,
CDA File Info CDA CD Serial, CDA Version, Track Number, Start, Start (as time), Length, Length (as time), Audio Data Size, cdplayer,ini entries,
CDocProp *.doc *.xls Title, Subject, Author, Keywords, Comments, Template, Last Author, Revision Number, Edit Time, Last Printed, Created, Last Saved, Page Count, Word Count, Char Count, AppName, Doc Security, Category, Target, Lines, Paragraphs, Slides, Notes, Hidden Slides, MM Clips, ScaleCrop, Manager, Company, Parts,
CDR info *.cdr File Version, Pages, Width, Height, Keywords, Notes, External Bitmaps, Bitmap Compression, Graphic Compression, Compression Ratio, Embedded OLE Objects,
CODEPAGE.wdx *.txt Codepage,
crc32tag *.* CalculateCrc32, GetCrc32From, CheckCrcFrom, CalculateMD5, GetMD5From, CheckMD5,
deb_wdx.wdx *.deb Package, Version, Section, Priority, Architecture, Depends, Recommends, Suggests, Conflicts, Installed-Size, Maintainer, Source, Summary, Description,
etiEtt ETT Width, Height, Material,
ExeFormat.wdx *.exe *.dll *.wcx *.wdx *.wfx *.wlx *.sys Type, IMAGE_DOS_HEADER, -, IMAGE_FILE_HEADER, IMAGE_OPTIONAL_HEADER, EntryPoint (RAW), Compiler, -, IMAGE_OS2_HEADER, IMAGE_VXD_HEADER,
exeinfo.wdx *.exe *.dll *.wcx *.wdx *.wfx *.wlx *.sys CompanyName, FileDescription, FileVersion, InternalName, LegalCopyRight, OriginalFileName, ProductName, ProductVersion, Comments, LegalTrademarks, PrivateBuild, SpecialBuild,
exif.wdx *.jpg *.jpeg Width, Height, BitsPerSample, DateTimeStr, Date, Time, DateOriginal, TimeOriginal, DateDigitized, TimeDigitized, ComponentsConfiguration, CompressedBitsPerPixel, ExifVersion, ExposureBiasValue, ExposureProgram, ExposureTimeFraction, ExposureTimeNr, Flash, FNumber, FocalLength, ISO, LightSource, Make, ApertureValue, MaxApertureValue, MeteringMode, Model, Orientation, ImageDescription, UserComment, XResolution, YResolution, ResolutionUnit, Software, Artist, ShutterSpeed, YCbCrPositioning, SensingMethod, ExposureMode, WhiteBalance, DigitalZoomRatio, FocalLengthIn35mmFilm, SceneCaptureType, GainControl, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness, SubjectDistanceRange, Canon Macro mode, Canon Flash mode, Canon Continuous drive mode, Canon Focus Mode, Canon Image size, Canon Easy shooting mode, Cannon Digital Zoom, Cannon Contrast, Canon Saturation, Canon Sharpness, Canon ISO Speed, Canon Metering Mode, Canon Focus Type, Canon AF point selected, Canon Exposure mode, Canon Flash Activity, Canon White Balance, Canon Flash Bias, Canon Image type, Canon Firmware version, Canon Image number, Canon Owner name, Canon Camera serial number,
expander *.* Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4, Part5, Part6, Part7, Part8, Part9, Part10,
File *.* Full Name, Name, Extension, Path, Is In List,
FileDateTime *.* Ymdd, Ywwd, DayOfWeek, DayOfYear, WeekOfYear, Month(hex), YearOfDecade, Timestamp,
Filename ChrCount *.* Pathname (ChrCount), Filename (ChrCount), Path (ChrCount), Ext (ChrCount), Filename (ChrCount excl Ext), Path,
FileScanner *.exe PE, AddressOfEntryPoint, Characteristics, NumberOfSections, Machine, NumberOfSymbols, PointerToSymbolTable, SizeOfOptionalHeader, TimeDateStamp, BaseOfCode, BaseOfData, CheckSum, FileAlignment, ImageBase, Magic, NumberOfRvaAndSizes, SectionAlignment, SizeOfCode, SizeOfHeaders, SizeOfImage, Subsystem,
FileType *.* FileType, Association, DriveType, DepthLevel, OwnerName, OwnerDomain, OwnerType,
FileX *.* FileType, Association, DriveType, DepthLevel, OwnerName, OwnerDomain, OwnerType, OwnerSID, FullPathLen, FileNameLen, PathLen, ExtLen, Group, GroupN, EmptyDir, ZeroSizeDir, ShareName, ServerName, ParentDir, GrandPaDir, GtGrandPaDir, Extents, ContentType,
FSize *.* size_all_instances, size_unique_files, size_skip_reparsepoints_all, size_skip_reparsepoints_unique,
Group *.* Group, Size (Hex), Size (Dec),
IconLibrary *.exe *.dll *.icl Number Of Icons,
id3 *.MP1 *.MP2 *.MP3 TagPresent, Title, Artist, Album, Year, Comment, Track, GenreName, GenreNr, FullText,
Image Info *.BMP *.TGA *.GIF *.jpg *.JPEG *.PNG *.PSD *.PCX *.TIFF Width, Height, BPP, PF, Compression, Misc,
ImgSize *.JPG *.GIF *.BMP *.PNG *.TIFF *.PSD *.PCX *.EPS *.PS Width, Height, Pixel, Diagonal, Orientation, Size, Aspect Ratio, Bpp,
JPG comment *.JPG *.JPEG *.TIF *.TIFF JPG Comment Complete, JPG Comment Line, -, Artist, Copyright 1, Date Time, Date Time Original, Date Time Digitized, Document Name, Image Description, Software, User Comment, -, Creation Date, Creation Time, Caption, Caption Writer, Copyright 2, Headline, Special Instructions, Subject, Keywords, Category, Supplemental Categories, Urgency, Byline, Byline Title, Credits, Source, Contact, Edit Status, Fixture Id, Object Name, Location Name, City, Sublocation, Province/State, Country Name, Transmission Reference,
Misc *.* odd, random,
MP3Info *.mp1 *.mp2 *.mp3 *.wma ID3vX, HasID3v1, ID3v1, ID3v1(num), HasID3v2, ID3v2, ID3v2(num), -, Artist, Album, Title, Track, Track(num), Year, Year(num), Genre, Comment, -, BitRate, BitRate(num), VBR, IsVBR, HasXING, HasVBRI, VBRI-Type, NumFrames, Length, Length(num), SampleRate, SampleRate(num), -, Mode, Mode(num), NumChannels, -, MpegVersion, MpegVersion(num), MpegLayer, MpegLayer(num), -, User,
NicePaths *.* Full Path, Directory Path, File Name,
NL_Info *.* Number of Hard Links, Reparse Point Type, Reparse Point Type (Ext), Reparse Point Target, Valid Target,
NTFS Descriptions *.* <named streams>
NTFS Stream *.* HasStream, StreamName, StreamCount, Info *.ODT *.ODS *.ODP *.ODG *.ODF *.ODB *.ODM *.OTT *.OTH *.OTS *.OTG *.OTP *.SXW *.SXC *.SXG *.SXI *.SXD *.SXM *.STW *.STC *.STD *.STI Generator, Title, Description, Subject, Initial creator, Creator, Creation date, Modification date, Keywords, Language, User info 1, User info 2, User info 3, User info 4, URL, Print date, Printed by, Edition time, Edition cycles, Statistics, Text,
Opera Cache *.* URL, Remote File Name, Name with GET-args, MIME, Charset, Size, Status, Load Date, Last Visit, Expiry Date,
Permissions *.* Read, Write, Execute,
RarColumns *.RAR Archive type, Comment, Archive comment present, Volume attribute (archive volume), Archive lock attribute, Solid attribute (solid archive), New volume naming scheme (‘volname(dot)partN(dot)rar’), Authenticity information present, Recovery record present, Block headers are encrypted, First volume (set only by RAR 3(dot)0 and later),
RarInfo *.RAR Uncompressed size, Compressed size, Ratio %, Total files, Comment, Comment present, Volume attribute, Lock attribute, Solid attribute, Authenticity information present, Recovery record present, Password present, Version to extract, HostOS,
readGbx.wdx *.gbx Map Name, Author, Environnement, Coppers, Challenge Version, Password Protected, -, Bronze Time, Silver Time, Gold Time, Author Time,
RedHat Linux package *.rpm Package, Version, Release, Distribution, Vender, License, Packager, Group, OS, Arch, Source-RPM, Summary, Description,
regexp_wdx *.* Result,
reginfo *.* Name, Default, Content Type, File type,
Security Info.wdx *.* Group, Owner,
SEO HTML *.html *.htm Title, Length(Title), Words(Title), Description, Length(Description), Words(Description), Keywords, Length(Keywords), Words(Keywords), Keys(Keywords), H1, Count(H1), H2, Count(H2), H3, Count(H3), Count(A), Count(A_ext), Count(A_ext_follow), Count(A_mail), Count(A_int), A, A_ext, A_ext_follow, A_mail, A_int, BrockenLink, BrockenTag, TextSize, Noindex, Level,
ShellInfo *.* Display Name, Type Name,
ShellLinkProperties.wdx *.pif Arguments, Description, Hotkey, Icon Path, Icon Index, Path, Valid Path?, Show Command, Working Directory,
Shortcut *.lnk Command Line, Path, Path Exists, Parameters, Has Parameters, Working Directory, Working Directory Exists, Icon Location, Has Icon Location, Icon Path, Icon Path Exists, Icon Index, Description, Show Command, Run as,
SVNDetails *.* SVN Author, SVN Lock owner, SVN Revision, SVN Status, SVN URL,
SWF Content *.swf fpVersion, Compressed, FPS, FrameCount, Width, Height, Resolution,
TextLine *.txt *.ini *.inf 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,
Torrent_wdx *.torrent Files, Size of Piece, Total Size, SHA, Tracker,
TotalSQX Content *.exe *.sqx Has Archive Comment, Full Archive Comment, Archive Comment, Archive Format, Archiver Version, Dictionary Size, Has Recovery Data, Is Solid Archive, Host System, Number Of Files, Compressed Size, Uncompressed Size, Compression Ratio, Saving, Is Multivolume Archive, Has File Comments, Has Signature, Archive Creator, Creation Time, Unpack Protection, Has List Protection,
UnicodeTest/LockedTest *.* Unicode test, Locked test,
URL Grank *.url URL, Grank, WorkingDirectory, ShowCommand, IconIndex, IconFile, Modified, HotKey,
Volume *.* Path Name, Unique Name, Name, Serial Number, Maximum Component Length, File System Name, Free Space, Size,
wdHash *.* CRC32, MD5, SHA1,
WDX EML *.EML *.MBS *.MSG Attachment encoding, Recipients, Charset, Attachment MIME, Flags, From, Organization, Priority, ReplyTo, Sender, Subject, MsgID, UID, Date,
WDX for Images *.BMP *.GIF *.JPEG *.JPG *.PCX *.PNG *.PSD *.TIFF iform, badext, order, pages, pixw, pixh, aspect, pixd, pixels, spp, bps, mode, compr, xres, yres, docw, doch, docasp, docd, square, fres, fdocw, fdoch, fdocasp, fdocd, fsquare, ininame,
wdx_global_diz *.* Global description, File group, ShortDiz,
WDXTagLib *.FLAC *.MP3 *.MPC *.OGA *.OGG *.SPX *.TTA *.WV Title, Artist, Album, Year, Tracknumber, Comment, Genre, Bitrate, Sample rate, Channels, Length, Length (formatted), Tag type,
WDX Trid *.* Match 0, Match 1, Match 2, Match 3, Match 4,
XPIInfo *.xpi id, Name, Version, Description, Creator, Contributor(s), Developer(s), Translator(s), Translator, Homepage, Update URL, Compatibility, Firefox Versions, Mozilla Suite Version, Flock Versions, Thunderbird Version, Seamonkey Versions, Netscape Versions, Nvu Versions, Sunbird Versions, Songbird Versions, Etna Versions, Mango Versions, Platform(s), Locale(s), Language(s), Type,


Some plugins might require additional files to be placed in Comparer’s directory (ex. RAR plugins need unrar.dll file). For more info, take a look on plugins’ readme files.