Comparer is files compare application which uses Total Commander’s WDX plugins.

Extended pack offers:

  • Comparer – GUI version,
  • ComparerCmd – command line version,
  • Office2007 – content plugin for MS Office 2007 files,
  • SVGwdx – content plugin for SVG images,
  • xPDFSearch – content plugin for PDF files (special thanks to Lefteous),


The purpose of Comparer is quick properties comparison. All of the existing files compare applications offer viewing files content but not some files types properties. So I wrote a tool where the main feature is Total Commander’s content plugins usage. I can easily “take two files” (or only one) and view their properties like: ID3 tags, resolutions or EXE headers. The only effort to take is to find nice plugin and add to application.


  • possibility to export viewed details to CSV, HTML or Image files (BMP, JPG, PNG);
  • additional image headers can be added to exported files;
  • possibility to use external HTML and CSS files for better details export;
  • external comparing applications can be configured on separate tab;
  • thumbnails support for various file types (thanks to WLX plugins);
  • view modes: either all details view or differences only;
  • debug mode (view empty) – allows to see plugins’ names for which information cannot be extracted;
  • drag’n’drop support for adding new plugins – drop WDX file into proper area and you will get files extensions suggestion (if plugin supports it);


Comparer v1.0.10.0
Comparer Extended Pack v1.0.10.0
You can also download rought sorce code for both applications.



Please remember that Total Commander is not needed for proper Comparer work. Although it might be recommended to install it for internal configuration of some plugins.

Known issues

FileDesc.wdx seems to crash Comparer completely (I can’t find the way to prevent that other than skipping this plugin). Please remember about it while adding WDX files manualy!


  • changed- updated SourceGrid component;

  • fixed – “Scan for plugins” generated errors for new config;
  • fixed – ThreadAbortException handled;
  • added – temporary skipping FileDesc.wdx (due to strange bugs);

  • fixed – starting with no INI (also “default” name added);
  • fixed – saving schemes when there was no “configs” directory;
  • added – Romanian translation; – update (2009.04.16)

  • added – German translation; – update (2009.04.01)

  • changed – wdx_proxy.dll updated; – update (2009.03.28)

  • added – language files: Chinese, Dutch, Norwegian, Slovak, Spanish;

  • added – possibility to switch between custom configurations;
  • added – translations handling;
  • added – French translation (special thanks to Clo);
  • changed – little Options dialog GUI rebuild (for better translations);

  • fixed – bug with “show empty” and “show different”;
  • changed – plugins are now handled using wdx_proxy.dll (special thanks to Franck8244);
  • changed – dropped plugins are ebabled for all filetyppes by default;

  • fixed – few errors with “show empty” and “show different”;
  • fixed – colouring different items;
  • changed – files names always shown;
  • added – image header generation;
  • added – option for opening files with associated application;
  • added – date formatting description;

  • fixed – “show empty” did not worked correctly;
  • added – customizable output file names;
  • added – customizable CSV separators and text quotes;

  • fixed – drag’n’drop did not refresh plugins panels (they stayed disabled);

  • fixed – small extensions bug (now “*.*” is added by default);
  • changed – plugins panels are disabled if there are no plugins;

  • fixed – “Show empty” option now works for thumbnails;
  • added – files icons might be shown when there is no thumbnails;

  • fixed – OK/Cancel buttons position (Fields dialog);
  • fixed – “..” buttons in plugins Settings form;
  • fixed – drag’n’drop related to “..” buttons;
  • fixed – some dates were shown incorrectly;
  • changed – Export features has been rewritten;
  • changed- export error messages should be shown;
  • added – possibility to use external “header.html” and “footer.html” files;
  • added – additional images formats for Export feature;
  • added – ft_string correction procedure;

  • fixed – folders no longer can be dropped;
  • fixed – multiple comparers drop;
  • fixed – columns size no longer changes on drop
  • replaced menu with toolstrip (fix for stick mode – icons replace);
  • removed Apply buttons from Settings window;
  • fixed/changed – “stick mode” for single file;
  • changed – add button (+) now shows OpenFile dialog;
  • added – wordwrap option;

  • added shortcuts handling (Esc – close window, Ctrl+C – copy selected row as text, Shift+C – copy row as RTF);
  • little layout changes (icons);
  • added export feature (CSV, HTML, Image);
  • added “Stick mode” (dropping file into column will replace its content -instead of replacing all);

  • tree control was replaced by advanced list (removed tree related options);
  • fixed Explorer thumbnails error (there were not generated for target thumbs with improper size);
  • fixed lists bug (lists containing more than two element were ignored);

  • fixed issue with 64bit Windows (special thanks to roentgen for help with this);

  • main window is refreshed after Options change;
  • default plugins path is configurable now;
  • added option for automatic scan for plugins (in default directory)
  • few minor bugs fixes (and code clean-up);

  • fixed problem with folders and %L parameter;

  • added -c parameter support (works with files names or -L parameter);
  • thumbnails height can be customized;
  • thumbnails generated by Explorer have no longer fixed size;
  • plugins fields availability can be customized;

  • fixed nasty bug which was crashing few plugins (ex. font.wlx);

  • browsing for plugins now gives proper extensions suggestions;
  • few problems with plugins drag’n’drop corrected;

  • thumbnails are cleared on drag’n’drop;
  • corrected adding WLX plugs and comparers – some details were taken from WDX tab;

  • external comparing tools even more configurable

  • added thumbnails handling

  • first public release



Just unpack archive anywhere but remember that it needs write rights to it’s directory.

Viewing files

You can drag files into application’s form or start it with parameters:

comparer.exe %1
– where %1 is file’s name to be loaded;

comparer.exe %1 %2
– where %1 is first file’s name and %2 is second’s;

comparer.exe -L %1
– where %1 is the name of the list containing files names to be compared (one or two files only);

comparer.exe -c %C %1
– where %C is alternate config file name and %1 is file’s name to be loaded;

comparer.exe -c %C %1 %2
– where %C is alternate config file name, %1 and %2 are files names to be compared;

comparer.exe -c %C -L %1
– where %C is alternate config file name and %1 is the name of the list containing files to be compared (one or two files only);

Exporting details

You can export viewed details using proper menu item. If you decide to export to HTML please remember, that output file’s details can be customized using external “header.html” and “footer.html” files. They will be imported into output file during export procedure.
Additional CSS file will be generated on first usage. You can edit it easily in your favourite text editor. Such file will be linked in HTML and always copied to output directory.


Just delete it.