Comparer application has been written by fenixproductions for N.A.N.Y. 2009 event (announced by DonationCoder community).

About author

fenixproductions is a member of DonationCoder and Total Commander’s forum boards. You can view his profile just by going there or by visiting his personal home page.


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fenixproductions would like to thank you all of the authors of:

Special thanks to:

  • Franck8244 – for writing wdx_proxy.dll and help with it,
  • Lefteous – for agreement to use xPDFSearch plugn,


  • Clo – Français (French),
  • efree – 简体中文 (Chinese),
  • Stephan Hoek – Dutch,
  • Mario Angel – Español (Spanish),
  • Svein-Ove Urdal – Norvegian,
  • lokotus738 – Slovenčina (Slovak);
  • crowley – Deutsch (German);
  • Scutelnciu Ionel – Română (Romanian);


Comparer application is distributed under The Code Project Open Licence 1.02.