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November 11, 2016

by Brother Gabriel-Marie, SSPX


A Live, Handy, Dandy, Inline Calculator

Version 1.7



A powerful, easy-to-use calculator that delivers answers as you type.

Built and tested on Windows 7.


You can download a fresh copy here:

Online documentation:





The idea behind Calculor is that you get a teeny-weeny calculator window where you can see and edit your equation and receive a live answer.




Tiny GUI

Easy-to-work-with, live calculation as you type

Trigonometric and Algebraic Math Functions

Hex to Decimal, Binary to Decimal (and vice-versa) functions

Character to Ascii and Unicode (and vice-versa) functions

Round Fractions, Convert Answers to Fraction

Descriptive menus

Lots of Options!

Global Hotkey

Recent Equations Menu

Memorized Equations Menu

Tray Functionality

Complete Help File