Calc Functions

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Calc Functions

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Calculor has certain calculator functions to make it usable.



Hotkey:  Tab

This will clear both the answer and the equation.

You can also clear the screen by pushing Enter when the Answer says ". . ."


Set Answer

Hotkey:  Enter

This will move the answer into the equation field and set the cursor there.

It will also commit the current equation to the Recent Memory.


Copy Equation

Hotkey: Alt+E

Puts the equation text on the clipboard.


Copy Answer

Hotkey: Alt+A

Puts the Answer text on the clipboard.


Copy Formula

Hotkey: Alt+F

Puts the entire formula on the clipboard.  That is: equation = answer


Evaluate Selection

Hotkey:  Ctrl+Enter

You can select part of the equation and Evaluate Selection and it will calculate just the selection, replace the selection with the answer of that calculation and the recalculate the entire answer.


Convert Answer to Fraction

Hotkey: Ctrl+F

If you have an answer that has digits after the period, oh, say, like 5.4326, using Convert Answer to Fraction will render that answer as a fraction.

5.4326 becomes 5 55/128