Level copies files from multiple sources into a flat folder. It can be invoked from the commandline. For every source you can specify a file filter, and currently therre are switches to include/exclude subfolders, whether or not you want to overwrite all files that already exist or only older ones. You can have unlimited sources (afaik) When you start it from explorer you see this:

I can imagine that it would be handy to use to consolidate all your music from different pcs into one folder.

It requires cat.exe from UnxUtils because AutoHotkey doesn't allow you to send the output directly to the commandline. So if you want any output then put |cat at the end of a command. Instead you can also pipe it to a textfile.

Discussion, Support & Feedback

Support on this program is available on the DonationCoder forums. You can also use this place to discuss new features or any issues. See Level Discussion Thread.

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