Ello, I’m Sander van Dragt, a twenty something eccentric Dutchman living in the United Kingdom. At day I am working as a Web Designer, by night I sleep.  😉  Sorry for the design on this site, it’s very functional and I didn’t make it myself – I didn’t want to spend much time on it.

Justice Tools lists all the little scripts I’ve created since 2007 or so by request of a forum member or because for an easier life. All of them are based on Autohotkey, the open source scripting language.

I also like producing breakbeat and am interested in technology.

Feel free to get in touch if you want to discuss any opportunities or projects in web development or design, custom scripting requests and anything else.




This site as a donationcoder member’s page has been kindly donated by the fantastic people on DonationCoder, if you like your software then this place is heaven.


DonationCoder.com is a site for people who love computer software, and like the idea of supporting each other’s work through donations – it’s funded entirely by individuals who join the site.

Some of our members are professional programmers, but most don’t care about programming and just like to debate about which programs are the best for any given task. Most of our software discussions focus on Microsoft Windows software, but hey if you want to come talk about your favorite commodore 64 software feel free, we love to reminisce and talk about our shared hatred of everything Apple. Ha ha ha just kidding, we’ve got some mac lovers on our site too 🙂

Oh, and that little bird creature? His name is Cody. He’s our mascot. Like most things on our site he was designed by one of our members based on a discussion on our forum. You’ll run into him from time to time on DonationCoder.com, causing all sorts of mischief.