A utility to manage and test a set of Autohotkey scripts.


  • When you start the script it discovers a list of .ahk scripts in a userdefinable (saved) directory.
  • Double clicking on tray will present a simple form with each script listed on its own line with a checkbox on the left.
  • The user can then enable and disable scripts from that dialog by checking boxes.
  • Scripts that are enabled will be launched if not currently running; scripts unchecked will be closed.
  • There's a contextmenu to edit, compile, and publish your AHK scripts!
  • Checks will be shown for scripts that are currently running.
  • It uses the correct script editor, with notepad as an alternative.


Discussion, Support & Feedback

Support on this program is available on the DonationCoder forums. You can also use this place to discuss new features or any issues. SeeĀ Axem Discussion Thread.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does Axem stand for?

A. AutoHotkey Script Manager = AHKSM, and if you say that quite fast you get Axem.

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