TextWorx updated to Version 1.2

  • Download TextWorx 1.2 here.
  • Online Documentation is here.
  • The best change is that now you can set a Global Hotkey for absolutely ANY TextWorx Command!
  • You can also customize the hotkeys for the TexWorx Menu and the TextWorx Toolbar!
  • Make sure to look at the Hotkeys topic in the documentation for details on how to do this.

1.2 fixes it so you can assign multiple hotkeys to the same command.  See the documentation.

Important Note about Assigning Hotkeys!
When you assign hotkeys to TextWorx commands, though, be sure and think about how TextWorx uses shift and control as modifier keys for the commands – and TextWorx will honour those even if you use them for the hotkey – so there may some conflict.
For commands that use shift or control (or both) for their commands to allow them to work in reverse or on lines, you will have to set a hotkey with those modifiers in order to use them.

Example: Say we want to set a hotkey for 201 “encase”, and we will use win+” for the hotkey (same as win+’). We will want to set four hotkeys for this command in order to have all three variants available to us:

  • 201=#’ encase in quotes
  • 201=#+’ remove quotes
  • 201=^’ encase lines in quotes
  • 201=#^+’ remove quotes from ends of lines

For commands that don’t use command modifiers (that is, they don’t work on lines or in reverse) you can set whatever hotkey you like.
You can even set multiple hotkeys for the same command.

Also, beware of using alt in your hotkeys, because alt often times invokes a windows own menu.

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