Everybody likes url protocols, they just don't know it. They are the little function that lets you click on a hyperlink anywhere on your computer and it opens the link's webpage in your default browser.

Another kind of url protocol is the one that starts an email in your default email client when you click on someone's email address; this is called a "mailto" link. A lesser known one is called a "callto" link which enables click-to-call functionality for voip phone clients.

Sometimes, programs will let you use your own custom hyperlinks. That is where Protocaller comes in. This program will register itself as a url protocol, and provide you with a way to redirect that hyperlink to programs of your choice. Then, when you create the right url links in your protocol-enabled applications, Protocaller will launch the application with your parameter.

This app works in Windows XP and Windows7 (don't know about other versions of Windows).

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