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You can use variables in your expressions.

Here is how to define a variable:



You use := to assign a variable, and you end the assignment with a ;

Then you just type your expression as you like, and a will be calculated throughout the expression.


Now, anywhere you use a in the expression, it will be interpreted as it's value.

You can even assign multiple variables.


then use them like this:

a:=5; 2+a                        = 7

a:=2; 2*a-40+a                = -34

a:=3;b:=2; 2*b+(a*a)        = 13

a:=5; 2*a*(2*2)2                  = 80


Please Note!

You cannot write 2a to multiply; you have to write 2*a.  If you write 2a, Calculor will think you are writing 22.  Or it will just get confused (sorry for that).  


Also, you can't use the letter e for a variable because it is already taken for the Euler's Constant.