Some new bits plus a bug fix:

 Added Start and Stop entries to tray menu.
 Added "Copy image to clipboard" entry to the tray menu.
 Added "Copy image path to clipboard" and "Copy image to clipboard" entries to the File menu of the main window.
 Fixed a file order bug where wallpapers would start with the second in the list instead of the first.

Go to the Spews page to download the new version.

More tweaks and additions:

 Changing the Wallpaper Position and Fill Color options refreshes the current wallpaper.
Added option to not randomize the image list.
"Fill (by width)" has been renamed to "Fill" and should now work properly with very wide images.

Go to the Spews page to download the new version.

MPCPLed is a new application written to fill the request made here.  MPCPL files are playlist files created by the very popular Media Player Classic application.  Unfortunately, re-ordering items with MPC’s built-in playlist editor is limited to dragging and dropping only one line at a time.  Also, for keyboard ninjas, there are no hotkeys to shift items around.  Needless to say, for long playlists, re-ordering items can get tedious.  MPCPLed aims to make things easier by allowing dragging and dropping of multiple items and hotkeys for all actions.  If you have such a need, please give MPCPLed a try.

Go to the MPCPLed page to download.  Screenshot below:


One addition and two bug fixes:

 Created a "DjPete" temperature theme for fahrenheit. (Thanks, 21944.450)
 Recompiled as 1.7.1 since the last version was mistakenly compiled as v1.7.8.
Calling the About box when it was already displayed would cause an error. (Thanks, Ken Z.)

Go to the sWeather page to download the new version.

In this version I switched up the tray icon defaults.  In all previous versions, the weather conditions icon was always present and you could enable a second icon which showed the temperature.  I’ve reversed that in this version.  Now, the temperature icon is always present and you can enable the secondary weather condition icon.  I probably should have done it this way from the start.

Go to the sWeather page to download the new version.

Since 2007, we at DonationCoder have held an annual event that we call NANY (New Apps for the New Year), where we ask the coders who hang out on our site to create some new piece of free software and share it with the world on January 1st of the new year.  For NANY 2018, I released two new programs:

  1. SubAHK, a Subsonic desktop client. I’ve run my own personal Subsonic server for many years and make use of several different clients depending on platform (Android, Windows, etc.). However, none have the sort of easy playlist manipulation I want, so I started writing SubAHK.  It’s not feature complete at this time but still worth a look if you run, or have access to, a Subsonic server.
  2. WHAT (Window Hotkey Activator Tool) is tiny program that lets you assign hotkeys to activate/focus windows.

Also, we recently completed a move to an entirely new CMS and server.  It was a major accomplishment and props to all involved…you know who you are.  So, if you find any of my pages or links not working, please let me know via my Contact form.  Also, if you followed my previous RSS feed, please note that it has changed as well.  You can find the new link in the sidebar or right here: http://www.dcmembers.com/skwire/feed/