EnfolderSendTo v0.1.0


Enfolder equivalent designed to be used from the "Send to" right-click menu.



Made for Jasong222 from donationcoder.com.

Original thread: Idea: 'Enfolder'- Select a group of files, right click, select 'Enfolder', Windo

Source code: EnfolderSendTo @ GitHub

Targets Microsoft .NET framework v4.5 (Native to Windows 8+)



  • Add/remove send to menu instantly.
  • Subfolder naming with suggestion based on current DateTime.
  • Custom folder selection.
  • Full path and total count of files and folders.

Day #192, Week #27 @ July 11, 2021



  • Jesse Reichler (A.K.A. Mouser from DonationCoder.com)
  • Your name here? 🙂

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