Drop Launcher v0.1.0

Drop Launcher

Drop Zone link extractor and launcher.

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Made for magician62 from donationcoder.com.

Original thread: Idea: Command line timer for a computer with screen off, like a better pause.exe

Source code: DropLauncher @ GitHub

Targets Microsoft .NET framework v4.5 (Native to Windows 8+)



  • Processes dropped links from Google Chrome, Firefox and likely more browsers (feel free to try!).
  • Edits both link & launch regular expressions.
  • Always on top.
  • Remembers location on screen.
  • Plain text format on SettingsData for easy human reading/modification.

Day #99, Week #14 @ April 09, 2021


Release sponsors:

  • Jesse Reichler (A.K.A. Mouser from DonationCoder.com)
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