A Handy Dandy Icon Viewer.  Quickly and easily view icons in icon libraries and DLLs.  This was created with the Coder in mind so he can easily find the icons in his dll or icl for quick reference.  It's not as full-featured as some other icon viewers, but is made for speed and ease.


  • Use the little switch icon to toggle view between 16px and 32px icons.
  • Common Libraries menu (customizable, too) for quick access to common libraries.
  • Provides icon numbers and the total number of icons in the status bar
  • Right-clik on icon for Icon Report, that shows the sizes of icons and the icons internal names
  • History is recorded in the dropdown box, so you can quickly return to a recent library
  • Save any icon (autosave) to custom directory without using the save dialogue/ or you can use the save dialogue

Online Help is here.


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  • Create Date December 28, 2015
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