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License & Information

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By using this program you thereby agree to the terms of this license agreement.  You use this application at your own risk, and assume the entire responsibility of it use - that means that if it does something dastardly to your computer, it is your own fault.  However, to reassure you, know that the authour has tested it and uses it himself.


This application may be used for any use private or commercial, and without any fees.  You may distribute it however you like as long as you don't charge for it, and as long as it remains unchanged, and is accompanied by this help file.







If you have ideas for improvements, or want to report a bug, or want to make a donation, please use my contact form at:


This application was written in AutoHotkey, using Notepad++ by Brother Gabriel-Marie with a whole slew of help from the illustrious Maestrith.


The authour is a Catholic Religious Brother (that's me), who writes programs for the benefit of the apostolate, and for fun.  If you would like to make a donation, you are quite welcome!  Just contact me using my contact page above.  If you are interested in my religious order, check out our website.


Credit also goes to:

Maestrith for his wonderful help, especially with the syntax colouring

Laszlo for his Monster math evaluator function which I have obliterated in the making of Calculor.

Holle for his baseconvertor function

And all the other sundry Autohotkeyers (GeekDude, in particular for always helping me) who share their insights and snippets


And for explanations of Math Functions, this is a wonderful site.