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Version 1.7 - December 9, 2017

Fixed: Issue where live-edit cursor position kept getting reset


Version 1.6 - August 18, 2017

Fixed: Toggling the menu descriptions would double the Trig menu commands

Fixed:  Toggling menu descriptions works also on AutoCalc menu

Fixed: Multiplication was not processed directly against parenthesis; (2+2)2=42; now (2+2)2=8

Fixed: Clipboard was erased or replaced when the window was activated.  

Fixed: Clicking on the answer copies it to the clipboard the first time.

Fixed: Sometimes e would not render

Fixed: Now e is reserved for Euler's Number and can't be accidentally assigned as a variable

Fixed: Now you can't type = in the equation unless you are assigning variables with :=

Fixed: Removed conflict between min command and the math function min at start of equation

Added: Dialogue for (Advanced Options) with key command options

Added Option in Advanced Options to set the number of decimal places

Added: Now the Options menu displays the number of decimal places

Fixed: Decimal Places now displays the correct limit in the answer

Fixed: Now the menu item that toggles decimal places automatically changes the answer

Added: Option in Advanced Options to set Max Decimal Places

Added: Max Decimal Places now shows in the menu next to Decimal Places


Version 1.5 - August 16, 2017

Fixed: Cannot open Hotkey Dialogue from Tray Menu

Added the hotkey string to the help file's power commands list

Fixed: Hotkey dialogue now displays all media key names


Version 1.4 - August 14, 2017

Fixed: Position is saved properly.

Added User-chosen Global Hotkey


Version 1.3 - July 12, 2017

Fixed: Trigonometric Functions were broken.  Now they work properly.


Version 1.2        - December 26, 2016

Fixed: Log(1) returned ... so now it returns 0 like it is supposed to

Fixed the Trigonometric functions which were also returning ... instead of answers


Version 1.1        - December 20, 2016

Changed background colour of the answer area

Fixed the "Sorry Bub" message that shows because the colourfile was missing

Included colorfile.ini


Version 1.0        - December 1, 2016

Initial Release in time for Donation Coder's NANY 2017.