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March 2008, Windows: 💾 DOWNLOAD Blobbies! v1.0.0.0   


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I was looking around some old assembler code that I had written in the days before of super-fast graphics cards, which let me poke colour values directly into a graphics buffer before flipping the whole thing to the screen, when I came across a benchmark program I had been working on. It generates random blobs on the screen which squish and wobble about a bit like those "were-retro-not-retro-any-more-and-therefore-soon-to-be-RETRO-retro" lava lamps.

I dumped the code into a Delphi project and added a button, and it all still seems to work. Note that this thing loves to eat up CPU - funnily enough, the blob generator / mover is quite light on resources - it's my crappy old graphics code that's killing you. Bring on the OpenGL port from some genius DC coder (yes, I know that's a tautology)

Anyway, it's quite hypnotic to watch, and if anyone feels inspired and would like the algorithm, I'm sure there's a game in there somewhere just waiting to be written! Send me a message here on DC and I'll be happy to send you a zip of the project. It's not pretty but the blob code is pretty self-explanatory. The whole source is Delphi with just a little assembler for the "fast" graphics. Not very well commented but it's a small piece of code.


  • Blobs wobble and blurp around the window
  • See above


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Download the program and run it - it just sits there until you click "Run" and then off we go!




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I also captured a small Blobby animation. It's a bit jerky but no surprise there.
I grabbed it using Wink, which is a really nice program: Download the zipped swf file here


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Hello, and thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy this game. Did you also see Deductoid and CluGrid?



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