Hello and welcome to my tiny corner of the Donation Coder world. Here you will find three puzzle games and just a little utility program that I wrote in my spare time, now on offer to anyone and everyone who stops by. The software is completely free and unrestricted, and are offered to you as is, with my best wishes.

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Recently I teamed up with nudone to produce an online comic strip called Head in the Clouds. You can visit our site here to view the latest strips. We update every Monday and Thursday. Hope you enjoy it!

Head in the Clouds comic strip

Well now, I am obscenely happy, shocked, stunned and flattered to have received what must be the ultimate accolade:

Yes folks, I got a Donation Coder mug!

My word, I’ve been certified! They’ve been saying for years that it was due to happen and stone me if they weren’t right after all. Only it turns out that it’s as a DC Games Division Programmer for 2008.

Click on the image on the left to get a bigger view of Cody and his retro console. The photos simply do not do justice to Nudone’s magnificent artwork. He’s a clever old stick and I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of his work in the very near future. Do I know something you don’t? Actually, in this case, yes, yes I do.

See Nudone’s work, and other interesting sites, via my interesting links page here.