taichimaster’s FARR plugins

  • Network Connections v0.0.0.3 – This plugin displays the list of network connections. (Details)(Download)
  • PrinterList v0.0.0.4 – This plugin displays a list of installed printers and lets user select one as the default or displays its print queue. (Details)(Download)
  • Service Control v0.0.0.3 – This plugin displays a list of win32 services and allows user to toggle its running state. (Details)(Download)
  • ProcessKill v0.0.0.7 – This plugin displays a list of active processes and allows user to kill the selected process. (Details)(Download)

Installation instructions:

  1. Download the plugin zip file.
  2. *Unpack it into a subdirectory of Plugins directory of your FARR installation.

*If FARR is currently running and you are upgrading an existing plugin, shutdown FARR before copying the files over existing files and restart FARR (or go to FARR plugin dialog and click the rescan plugins button before copying).