Everything Efu Explorer

A helper tool to explore/browse folders in .efu files in Everything.

Similar to folder navigation in Windows Explorer.
Useful for browsing indexes of offline drives.

Tested with Everything

by Nod5  -  Free Software GPL3  -  AutoHotkey  -  Tested in Windows 10


Setup Everything to work with Everything Efu Explorer
1 Go to Tools > Options > Keyboard
and add shortcut "Ctrl+Y" for command "File | Close File List"
2 Go to View and enable Status Bar
3 Click Results header and enable the column "Type"


How to use
- Run everything_efu_explorer
- In Everything type ext:efu to search for .efu files
- Select an .efu file and press Enter or Alt+Enter or Alt+Right to open the .efu in Everything


When the .efu is open in Everything
- Alt+Enter  = close the .efu file list
- Enter or Alt+Right  = navigate into selected folder
- Alt+Left or Alt+Up  = navigate to parent folder


Tips and Notes
Tip: add everything_efu_explorer to the Windows startup folder.

Note: everything_efu_explorer is "feature request ware". I hope the Everything developer likes it and makes these features native.


Everything is a very fast file and folder search engine - a great program! It can save search results to .efu file lists for later use.

When a .efu file is loaded Everything lists all files/folders in the index matching the search string. But it can be useful to browse a drive index folder by folder, like when navigating through folders in Explorer. That is what Everything Efu Explorer enables. This makes it more convenient to use Everything as a cataloger for offline drives or discs.

Note: Everything Efu Explorer only works on already existing .efu files.

Steps to manually create an .efu file index for a single whole drive:
- Open Everything
- Enable the option Menu > Search > Match Path
- Search the drive. For example enter search string C:
- Menu > File > Export

A script to automatically save drive indexes to .efu files is available here.


Discussion forum:  Here 


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change: require ctrl+Y as shortcut in Everything for Close File List (old: ctrl+L)
change: parse drive letter from second line of the .efu (old: parse drive from _C in filename)
clarified helpfile

code cleanup
fix put paths inside quotes

first version


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