A small timer with big digits


by Nod5  -  Free Software GPL2  -  AutoHotkey  -  Tested in Windows 10





How to use:

Run BigTimer.exe
Set timer in minutes
Big digits count down in the left screen corner
Alarm: image and beep sound

- Click tray icon to hide/show timer
- Doubleclick tray to close/exit timer
- Press Esc or Click on Alarm window to close/exit
- Press Enter on Alarm window to restart timer
- Press Space on Start or Alarm window for Pomodoro mode

Pomodoro mode:
- Alternates between 25 and 5 minutes timers, for Pomodoro time management
- Custom Pomodoro mode alarm: Create bigtimer_tomato.mp3

Disable/customize alarm sound:
Remove/Replace bigtimer.mp3

Command line:
   BigTimer.exe <time> <options>
off = close timer
seconds = show seconds during last 2 minutes
win<id> = refocus window with id number <id> after BigTimer starts
tomato = use tomato alarm image instead of clock image
nosound = no sound, only alarm popup image
alarm = show alarm immediately (for testing)
linger<digit> = keep alarm image/sound for <digit> seconds before it can close

BigTimer.exe 54
BigTimer.exe off
BigTimer.exe 4 nosound seconds tomato linger2 win19282

FARR use:

- to start BigTimer from FARR import this alias string and edit the path to your BigTimer.exe

1000>>>timer>->timer $$1 | C:olderBigTimer.exe $$1>+>^(?:ti|tim|time|timer) (.*)$

- alternative FARR alias with three actions: start, set 25 minute timer, off

1000>>>timer>->timer $$1 | C:olderigtimer.exe $$1 win%LASTHWND%>n>timer 25 | C:olderigtimer.exe 25 win%LASTHWND%>n>timer off | C:olderigtimer.exe off win%LASTHWND%>+>^(ti|tim|time|timer|ala|alar|alarm)$



bigtimer.ico and .png adapted from image by Júlio Reis (CC BY-SA 3.0)
bigtimer.mp3 adapted from sound by Corsica_S (CC BY 3.0)
bigtimer_tomato.png adapted from image by yamachem (CC0)

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SHA256 Hashes:

dd7ae90dce7e20f91cdae35d6b0e6be11d9ee517e07750ac65797435ed251de1 BigTimer.ahk

173c3c9fe0ba41d10fba1b9b99c1409f5b360ce9042272ddb7c4be3390de78e9 BigTimer.exe



fix command line win<id> param error
option to linger alarm screen/sound for seconds before it can close
code clarified

code cleanup
pomodoro 5/25 mode
new command line options
autohide temporarily on mouse over
fix flickering digits

first version ( for NANY 2010 )


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