Ever have that experience where you want to automate something that is hiding away in the right-click menu of a file? The application you need does not support command-line parameters, or there maybe isn’t even an executable to call upon for you.

No longer. With Cautomaton it becomes possible to script or otherwise automate the calling of actions that are hidden away in the context menu of a file.

There are two flavors of Cautomaton inside the distribution. One of them is for 32-bit, one of them is for 64-bit. Ironically, 64-bit users will most often wish to use the 32-bit variety of Cautomaton, as most programs tend to hide themselves in the 32-bit variety of the context menu, yet then end up forgetting to put themselves in the 64-bit variety. However, at times, I have noticed the opposite as well, thus the need for two varieties that can cover all possibilities.

Both varieties operate and act exactly the same – only their ‘technical’ context is different. This difference, which one can see while using the popup function, is the only one there is.


Download link: here.