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The Audio action allows you, oddly enough, to play an audio file.  Enter the path to an audio file in the field or click the clip0019 ... button to browse for a file.  Click the clip0020button to play the file (as a preview).



1.Play file and continue.  Starts playback of the file and continues while the file is playing.
2.Play file but wait for file to finish before continuing.  Starts playback of the file but will wait for the file to completely finish playback before continuing on.
3.Stop audio file playback (no need to specify file).  Stops playback of any audio file that is currently playing.


System sounds:


In addition to specifying a file, you can choose from five built-in default system sounds using the dropdown.  Select from a simple beep, Stop/error, Question, Exclamation, and Asterisk. Note that any wait option has no effect when any of the system sounds are selected.






1.All Windows OSes should be able to play .wav files. However, other files (.mp3, .avi, etc.) might not be playable if the right codecs aren't installed on the OS.
2.If a file is playing and the current launch profile plays a second file, the first file will be stopped so that the second one can play.