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The Close application action attempts to close the specified process by sending up to two types of close messages to the window.  The first type is gentler and simulates sending an Alt+F4 keystroke to the specified process.  The second method sends a WM_CLOSE message to the specified process.  The result depends on the window; it may ask to save data, etc., or it might not even close at all.  You might have experiment a bit to see if this action works for your purposes.


The Close application action consists of the following options:


1.Process name.  Specifies the name of the process to attempt to close.  You can paste the path in manually or use the clip0013 Browse... button to choose an executable.  You can also choose the process from the list of currently running processes.  Double-click the process or click the clip0014 Add button to populate the Process name field.  You can use the clip0015 Refresh button to refresh the list of running processes.
2.Time to wait for app to close (seconds). This is the time Splat will wait for a process to close before moving on to the next action in the profile.
3.Try Alt+F4 method first.  Tries the Alt+F4 method before trying the WM_CLOSE method.  Note that enabling this option potentially doubles the timeout period.
4.Use window title. Specify the window's title, or partial title, in this field.  This can help greatly when attempting to close a window.  Leave blank to disable.