Turns off CapsLock when Shift is pressed together with A-Z or other user defined keys.

- Also makes CapsLock work like Shift when pressed togheter with A-Z or other user defined keys.
- To change the keys, choose Settings in the Tray menu.

- 2008.08.02 - v1.2: Made Capslock work like shift together wita a key.

to TWmailrec at DonationCoder Forum for the idea!
Thanks to Knutchen at DonationCoder Forum for more ideas!

  • Version 1.2
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  • Create Date December 12, 2017
  • Last update 2017-12-12 22:30:13
  • Last Updated December 12, 2017

1 Comment on "ShiftOff"

  1. I have been using for several years, it’s smarter than remapping CapsLock. because ShiftOff sets CapsLock to False when Shift key is pressed.
    The default characters list by developer include a few non-English characters which creates an error message but the solution was is easy … SysTray -> ShiftOff -> Settings

    Simplest solution (IMO) to sTOPPING tHESE aNNOYANCES
    The program is very stable, it has never failed on any of my machines
    Thank you


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