Runs a program when inside a certain time interval, and closes it when outside.



<part of program path>
start=<start time HHMM>
end=<end time HHMM>

The following parameters are optional:

checkdelay=<time between checks in ms>
run=<0=Don't run, 1=Run>
close=<0=Don't close, 1=Close>
kill=<0=Don't kill, 1=Kill>
killdelay=<time to wait before killing a task in ms>
hide=<1=Hide from the tray, 0=Show in the tray>

- Example:
OpeningHours.exe Notepad.exe start=1200 end=2400 checkdelay=1000 run=1 close=1 kill=1 killdelay=5000 hide=0

Thanks to brotherS at DonationCoder Forum for the idea!

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