Disable the Close button (X) of selected windows.

- Press Ctrl+1 to Enable or Disable the Close button of the active window.
- Press Ctrl+2 to Add a rule.
- Automatic enabling and disabling of close buttons on program start and stop, and on window creation.
- Change hotkeys and automation options.

- 2006.05.02 - v1.1: Corrected a settings error, changed the about dialog.

Thanks to mouser at DonationCoder Forum for the idea!

  • Version 1.1
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  • Create Date December 12, 2017
  • Last update 2017-12-12 22:12:49
  • Last Updated December 12, 2017

18 Comments on "NoClose"

  1. Excellent tool. Just what I was looking for. But doesn’t work for many apps – like WPS Writer, Calculator and so on..


  2. Great tool. One major issue I faced was during tablet mode (windows 10 1709) “Task View”, when multiple pages are opened, the ‘X’ button is active and the page can be closed through there.



  3. Excellent and useful app. I use it to prevent a Chrome Browser window displaying my email inbox from being closed by mistake.
    Unfortunately it appears that NoClose will no longer work after the Windows 10 April update (Feature update to Windows 10, version 1803). I have two different PCs, one running Windows 10 Home and one running Windows 10 Pro. NoClose stopped working on both immediately after the update.


  4. Is the opposite possible?

    There is an App that has the “X” close button disabled, just as the this app, but I would like that the button would actually be enable for me to be able to close it (There is no option available).

    Is something like this possible?


  5. Super cool little program. It’s so annoying when you play games in a window and you accidentally click on the close button and then the game just closes with no warning.

    There are some apps that it doesnt work with like Windows Calculator however for me at least this is not really an issue since calculator is really easy to start again. Maybe other people will have a need to protect calculator from closing, im thinking for example to preserve history. But then again there are probably other and better free calculator programs out there that NoClose will work for.


  6. My front desk people keep accidentally closing our fax application. I hope this will solve that problem.


  7. Does NOT work on enough programmes. It often fails to affect 64 bit versions of a programme.


  8. Great!

    Can you do the opposite?
    If the application has the Close button disabled, to put it enable?

    Looking forward to hear from you!


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