Make rules to move files automatically.

- Rightclick the tray icon to configure
- Choose Settings to change rules and options
- Choose Enable to Start or Stop all the rules

Use it to make a rule that moves files from the desktop to a subfolder, based on file type, part of a filename, or whatever. Have it ask to replace existing files, or rename them. It can also ignore files.

- 20061224 - v1.1: Added confirmation dialog before automatically running rules.
- 20070407 - v1.2: Added missing code to browse for folders.

Thanks to reko100 for the idea!

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  • December 12, 2017 Release Date
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2 Comments on "MoveOut"

  1. This is really awesome been using it for awhile and dose exactly what I need. I would like to ask if it would be possible to have it so you could add multiple file extensions in the files to include?


  2. Hey Skrommel,
    we are using moveout for copying alarming files to our alarmview Software at the firedepatment in Germany. We are starting moveout automatical, but at every start we have to accept the confirmation. Can we disable it? We are using V 1.3
    Thank you!


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