Maxthon plugin or Internet Explorer bookmarklet that opens all linked movies and pictures in the same page, and adds easy image viewing.

- Shows movies at the top of the page, and images below.
- Autoplays movies in their original size, and centers images.
- Use Tab to skip to the next image, and space to go one screen down.
- Reload the page to autoplay all movies after they have loaded.
- Click on an image to scroll to the next image.
- Move the mouse over the image to scroll up, down, left and right.
- Movies open in the assinged player, I recommend using Windows Media Player.
- Rightclick on an image to temporarily zoom in, rightdrag to move around.

- WMW, MPEG and other movies open in the assinged players. I recommend using Windows Media Player, just check all boxes in Tools - Options - Filetypes.

As a Maxthon plugin:
- Click the Maxthon iconMaxthon plugin, download and unzip it into Maxthon's Plugin folder. Restart Maxthon. To make zooming work, disable gestures.

As a Remote IE favorite:
- Rightclick this LiPs link, choose Add to Favorites, store it in the Links folder, and name it LiPs. This is slower than the local solution below, as the file LiPs.js is retrieved from the Internet every time LiPs is run, and it can change without notice.

As a Local IE favorite:
- Click the Internet Explorer iconInternet Explorer script, download and store LiPs.js in a local folder, for example C:Plugins. Now, rightclick this LiPs link, choose Add to Favorites, store it in the Links folder, and name it LiPs. If you saved the LiPs.js file in another folder than C:Plugins, edit the LiPs favorite by rightclicking on it in the favorites menu, choose Properties, and change the path accordingly.

- 20060606 - v1.1: Added support for Firefox, better handling of QuickTime and RealMedia.

- 20060612 - v1.2: Converted into a Maxthon plugin with easy image viewing.

Thanks to t2 at DonationCoder Forum for the idea!

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