Overlays buttons and other controls with a Number for direct access via Ctrl-Number.

- Hold Ctrl, write the number, release Ctrl.
- Change the settings using Settings in the tray menu.
- To add more controls, use Window Spy included with AutoHotkey
to find the class of the control, and add it to the proper tab.
- Still missing a lot of controls.

- 2006.04.18 - v1.1: Added toolbar button detection.
- 2006.04.19 - v1.2: Improved toolbar button detection, added menu detection.
- 2006.04.19 - v1.3: Cleaned up number placement, corrected menu detection.
- 2006.04.20 - v1.4: Added listview item detection.
- 2006.05.01 - v1.5: Added header and tab item detection. Added use of numpad.
- 2006.12.19 - v1.6: Added listview and treeview detection. Changed the settings dialog.

Inspired by Mouseless Browsing discussed at DonationCoder Forum

  • 1.6 Version
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  • December 12, 2017 Release Date
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