Upload current IP address to a FTP server.

- Add the tags <ipaddress>, <time>, <username> or <computername> to the file to upload.
These tags are replaced with the current values.
- Command line: IpUpload.exe <options>

  -s <server>
IP address of FTP server
  -l <local path> Path of file to upload
  -r <remote path> Folder on FTP server
  -u <user name> User name
  -p <password> Password
  -nic <network adaptor> What network adaptor to use, 1 to 4, 0=external IP retrieved from showmyip.com.
  -pause <minutes> Time to wait between uploads, 0 exist
  -hide Hides the tray icon.

Example: IpUpload.exe -s ftp.server.com -l "c: older1 ile.htm" -r "/folder2" -u user -p password -nic 0 -pause 5 -hide

- 2006.05.07 - v1.1: Added more tags, added external IP address detection, changed the command line.

Thanks to ark2 at DonationCoder Forum for the idea!

Uses CGet.exe by http://www.catfood.net

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