Dim the whole screen.

- Change the brightness by selecting a `% in the tray menu.
- Or use the hotkeys Ctrl++ and Ctrl+-.
- Change hotkeys using Settings in the tray menu.
- Doesn't work properly with video windows.

Could be used for nighttime map reading if your laptop is missing dimming controls.

- 20080319 - v1.1: Added hotkeys.

Thanks to Farmsteader for the idea!

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  • 1.1 Version
  • 254.15 KB File Size
  • December 12, 2017 Release Date
  • n/a Creation Date
  • n/a Requirements

3 Comments on "DimScreen"

  1. First of all, Thank you for your great program.

    This is great program but I can’t select the monitor if I use the multiple monitors.

    Could you update that?


  2. Many thanks – this is very simple and very useful program!

    I use serveral shortcut-hotkeys in Windows 10 but they does not work if DimScreen is running.

    I have a program-shortcut on my desktop which I can start by pressing the key-combination [CTRL]+[ALT]+[S] (which I defined via shortcut properties peviously). This works perfectly, but only if DimScreen is not running. Is there any global shortcut/hotkey/keycombo override within “AutoHotkey”?

    Many thanks in advance!

    Greetz, Mike šŸ™‚


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