Close programs before the system shuts down.

- Add the process name, class or a part of the caption of the programs you want to close.
- To change settings, choose Settings in the tray menu.

Thanks to Curt for the idea!

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1 Comment on "CloseToQuit"

  1. This in part is a repeat of a comment I left on another program, but how after downloading this do I make it work?

    I downloaded this file, unzipped it, then double clicked on the exe file to install it, nothing happened, then double clicked on the AHK file, but nothing happened, again. I closed several important programs that in my task bar, but left a few open to see if they’ed appear in your dialog to alert me to close them, and then used the (windows 10) Right-Click Start > Shut Down … > Restart to see if you program would show me the programs that were still running. My system just restarted and didn’t show me your dialog button.

    I’m thinking that your program is supposed to be a solution to the problem where when shutting down, logging out, or restarting, some programs don’t properly close by themselves, so I get an irritating message from the OS telling me that some programs are running, but not their names. “You’ve got mail, but I’m not going to tell you where it is :P”

    Am I wrong about what this program does or how to use it?



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