Replaces text as you type with any formatted text, image or other clip.
Handy for instantly expanding your initials into your e-mail signature, with image and all.

- Also paste clips using the tray menu.
- Make scripts that send key presses for automation.
- Runs external programs.
- Even works in programs without an input box, like PaintBrush.

Thanks to Lazlo at AutoHotkey for input and code!

  • 4.0 Version
  • 250.96 KB File Size
  • December 12, 2017 Release Date
  • n/a Creation Date
  • n/a Requirements

1 Comment on "AutoClip"

  1. I can’t make it to work on window 10. Does it work on windows 10? I can add clip, but it does not apply when I type the shorthand text, or even when I tried it from taskbar menu.


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