Sumatra Earmarks


Earmark any pdf page in SumatraPDF



sumatra_earmark lets you earmark any pdf page in SumatraPDF .
Each earmarked pdf page displays a blue square in the top right corner.
Quickly toggle earmarks on/off with mouse or keyboard.
Quicky jump to next/prev earmark page.
Earmarks are autosaved to a textfile.
Any pdf with at least one earmark shows a grey square in top right corner.
Handy popup grid for quick jump to a specific earmark.
Unique earmarks for different pdf files (based on file name).
The pdf files are not edited.





Win+CapsLock = toggle earmark on/off for open pdf page
Win+PgUp/PgDn = jump to prev/next earmarked page in open pdf
Rightclick on earmark = toggle earmark on/off for open pdf page
Ctrl+Rightclick on blue/grey earmark square = popup grid for quick earmark jump
To customize hotkeys see tray icon menu



Supports 255 earmarks per unique pdf file name
Autosaves earmarks in [Script Folder] sumatra_earmarks.txt
Also works on djvu files in SumatraPDF
The blue earmark lags behind a bit if you move the pdf window quickly
Inspired by earmarks in paper books and line bookmarks in code editors like Notepad++



Unzip and run sumatra_earmarks.exe
Place a link in the Startup folder to autorun it Windows starts.



sumatra_earmarks is really "feature request ware". That is, I hope the SumatraPDF devs like this and build in the functionality.

by Nod5  -  Free Software GPL3  -  AutoHotkey  -  Tested in Windows 10


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md5 hashes:

707e5f4fd9a7cde44c23c7af93109266  sumatra_earmarks.ahk
d94bf38c89841e974343a067803314b0  sumatra_earmarks.exe


v131120 131120 new db format; works with pdf files with complex pagelabels (1,2,i,ii,iii,1.1,1.2,3,4,5...)
v131108 handles roman numeral pagenumbers; clarified help window
v131101 fixed mouse click bug
v131029b easier hotkey customization
v131029 reworked grid code; show current page below grid
v131028 earmark positioned next to scrollbar; trayicon menu; customize hotkeys (see tray menu)
v131026 first version


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