Unpacks Firefox bookmarks.html bookmarks as .url files and subfolders.



1. Run FFBookmarkUnpacker.exe
- on first run an .ini file opens
- set the unpack folder and the path to your firefox profile
- save and close the .ini file

2.  Make Firefox save bookmarks.html in profile folder on each close
- type about:config in Firefox
- type browser.bookmarks.autoExportHTML
- set the value to "true"
- close Firefox

3.  Run FFBookMarkUnpacker.exe to unpack bookmarks



  • Put a shortcut to FFBookMarkUnpacker in the Windows Startup folder to unpack bookmarks automatically every time Windows starts
  • Add the word wait as parameter in the shortcut to wait 20 seconds before unpack.
  • Set tooltip=1 in .ini to see a tooltip progress notification during unpacking and on finish.



  • Warning: FFBookmarkUnpacker clears the unpack folder on each run.
    Make sure you store no other files in that folder!
  • FFBookmarkUnpacker only creates copies. Firefox still has all bookmarks.
  • Only bookmark titles and URLs and bookmark folder names are copied.
  • Datestamps from the bookmarks file are preserved.


by Nod5  -  Free Software GPL3  -  AutoHotkey  -  Tested in Windows 10

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SHA256 hashes:

558e2bbb74657ce65386b27a02697a2780f9918c2a7402be305b241f6b36c32b FFBookmarkUnpacker.ahk

a1a6f2166b5a49e9a266fedc16f0d60d232178bd23dc1929914beab75362ea92 FFBookmarkUnpacker.exe

fedf8e901c05ea0b89e8d9a0c3cea094f0add5f8a9a3037632c14f9110486ee8 FFBookmarkUnpacker.zip



fix datestamp bug
fix encoding issue: now uses UTF-16 for ini read/write, UTF-8 for bookmarks.html read
faster unpack with less/better regex

code cleanup
.url datestamp matches bookmark.html date strings

bugfixes: nested subfolders, separator lines, bookmarks without subfolders

fix special characters error
set profile in ini
cleans up old bookmarks before copying

fix: special characters error
fix: profile issue bypassed by letting user set path manually

first version


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