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f0dder's Notepad++ plugins, released as part of the NANY 2009 challenge, consists of a number of plugins for the excellent Notepad++ text editor.GuidGuard: a plugin that generates C++ style header include guards, using GUIDs for the guard identifier - this ensures you won't have identifier clashes even in larger projects, which traditional filename-based guards theoretically risk.

Switcher: a plugin to switch between 'associated' files. Currently it handles switching between asm<>inc, cpp<>h, cc<>h and c<>h. Useful when assigned to a hotkey.

RegRexPlace: a plugin to do "regular regular-expression replaces". Useful when you have often-used regex replacements. I personally use this when writing posts on forums, so I can use my own simplified markup and automatically generated BBCode markup from that. A sample .ini file is included.

Installation information

Copy the desired plugin DLLs to your Notepad++ plugins folder - plugins are supplied in both ANSI and UNICODE builds. Create (or copy the supplied version) RegRexPlace.ini to your Notepad++ config folder.


Switcher currently has hardcoded file extensions, this needs to be user configurable. The switching logic also needs to be improved, to better handle the cases where multiple file extensions share a common "switch-to" extension, ie., .h<>{.c, .cc, .cpp} - currently .cpp is preferred, which will result in a "file doesn't exist, create?" even if a .c or .cc file exists.RegRexPlace needs some revamping as well - it needs a GUI for configuration, aswell as being able to handle multiple substitution groups (right now all itemsfrom the config file are blindly applied). Ultimately, I want to handle a list of {regex, replacement} pairs, as well as a list of groups that can reference one or more of the pairs.


View the readme: here

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