FARR Plugin: CZB Pack

The plugin pack consists of:

  • JSCalc- powerful calculator for farr with history tape, variables, conversion functions, and best of all a super easy way to add your own custom functions.
  • Table data search - advanced plugin to let you search your own data files. For example csv (comma separated data files)
  • Timer - easily create timers based on countdown times, specific dates and times, etc.
  • Google Translate - quickly translate between any two languages
  • Online Czech2X Dictionary - look up Czech definitions of words from other languages
  • Character Table - quickly select unusual ascii characters and diacriticals to paste into other programs
  • Google Dictionary - look up words in a dictionary of a foreign language
  • Definr - dictionary that makes use of definr.com
  • Dicts Thesaurus - dictionary that makes use of dicts.com
  • Google Calculator - a simple calculator which uses google calculator functions
  • NinjaWords - dictionary that makes use of ninjawords.com
  • Tratu Baamboo- Vietnamese dictionary that makes use of tratu.baamboo.com

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  • Create Date March 7, 2009
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