Overview : SubDude helps you renaming your subtitle files so they match video files in the same folder.

Let's say you have the third season of The Sopranos in a folder, with video and subtitle files named like this :

The.Sopranos.s03e01.avi ->
The.Sopranos.s03e02.avi ->

Let Subdude handle this folder and you'll get :

The.Sopranos.s03e01.avi ->
The.Sopranos.s03e02.avi ->

This way, most video playing software will auto-detect the presence of the subtitle file and you will never have to get up to load the subtitles when the episode changes.

Just think about the good hours of procrastination this program will offer you !

How it works : Unzip to any folder and run subdude.exe. You can then choose the folder you want to SubDude. However, the most convenient way to use SubDude is to add a context-menu entry in the "Config" tab and then right-click the folders you want to operate on.

Important notes :
- SubDude assumes that every files in the folder are from the same show and checks season and episode numbers only.
- Subdude uses regular expressions to detect season and episode numbers. Most common patterns (TVShow-s04e01, TVShow-4x1 etc) are handled, however Subdude will eventually fail to detect season and episode numbers on certain files (TVShow401 etc). This problem is being worked on.

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