Process SCSS (css preprocessing) @for loops to @each loops including only used classes.
Calculate similarity/difference coefficient of strings using several algorithms.
Sed Tester allows to type a sed expression or script, and some input text, and will show the result text after the sed expression is executed on it. Also displays an explanation of the expression or script (no Syntax validation!)
AMDER: Actor Missing Dialogue Error Report, is a tool to register the Episode, Actor, TimeCodes, and some states for actors missing a dialogue to express for a play/tv-show. The Error Report can then be saved into an .xls or .xlsx file, sorted by Episode number, for feedback to the script supplier.
Display all sources of paper (input trays) for all printers on your system, and print a list of one or all printers with their trays, with the traynumber assigned by the printer-driver.