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Sed Tester allows to type a sed expression or script, and some input text, and will show the result text after the sed expression is executed on it.
Also displays an explanation of the expression or script (no Syntax validation!)

It comes with a Windows-compiled version of GNU sed (Stream EDitor) version 4.0.7 as available from the UnxUtils sourceforge pages (actually from the archive)


VersionDateDescription/changes for MONO compatibility (verified using MoMA and by testing on Linux)
- Improved P/Invoke declarations (int -> uint)
- Disabled single-instance feature on MONO for now as it doesn't like it much
- Tested with latest MONO on Linux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon, not all is well:
- Checkbox RightToLeft feature doesn't seem to work (Could be a Cinnamon issue)
- Application- and Window-icon don't show (MONO known issue)
Sizing issues fixed on all systems (Windows 100%, Windows 125%, Linux)
Fixed errorhandling when sed(.exe) can not be found
Remove ending newlines from resultText after taking output from sed
Remove \r from sourceText before sending as input to sed
Added 2015 to Copyright statement some layout issues (WinForms obviously doesn't really like switching normal/large font settings) 'Explained' panel, giving a description of the entire expression/script
Added 'SED script' panel (toggled)
Changed input and panels font to Lucida Console for more 'terminal-like' look with better readability
Changed to create a temporary file and use -f option for multi-line script
Improved visibility of split-sizers
Added link to home-page
Changed initial window startup location to screen-center
Improved Save/Restore settings some display issues on Large Fonts systems (laptops with Full-HD screens...)
Handling of multiple-line input text improved
Minor display issue improved pre-release for NANY 2015, Windows-tested only

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