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As always, I'd like to thank my wife, Valerie, for her support and also my daughters, Alexis and Sienna, for putting up with their dad while he's busy working on the computer.  Furthermore, I'd like to thank DonationCoder  for hosting the Skwire Empire, and all the valuable members of the site that contribute ideas, comments and feedback.  Finally, thanks to the entire AutoHotkey community.


Suggestions, comments, bug reports and briefcases full of cash are all welcome at If email isn't your thing, I can almost always be reached at any of the following instant messaging apps and on IRC:


ICQ:    18963359

Yahoo!: skwire15

AIM:    skwire15



Skype:  skwire

Tox:    C331ADF9C688C6920AC4F6E9059265CE9F91FFEFE14233EF51D1EB189E811D56C14CEE0A5628

IRC:    #donationcoder on Freenode


If you've made it this far, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy using Splat.


Jody Holmes